Mattel Hot Wheels

For KFC Poland, part of Amrest Poland, Globetrade developed licensed toys. The challenge was to create a cool toy for kids’ meals that was compliant with the newest age regulations. The product design also had to get the nod of approval from the renowned international toy company Mattel.

Having worked with KFC before, and thanks to our extensive knowledge of Amrest’s YUM protocols and Mattel’s signature style, the team was able to offer a comprehensive solution. We developed a toy that complied with all the design and safety specifications and chose the best YUM-approved factory for the job.

As an approved licensee of Mattel, moreover, we handled all the negotiations, saving our clients valuable time.

Unstoppable super-sized Hot Wheels

A premium, super-sized Hot Wheels collection with hard-wearing, speed-loving cars that were built with extreme attention to detail. The limited-edition racers were not only incredibly cool, but also supremely safe: thanks to state-of-the-art molding and welding techniques, our product designers were able to eliminate choking hazards and finger traps.

Childproof and road-ready for hours of play - these unstoppable supercars proved a roaring success with kids and dads alike!