Recycled plastic, Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Globetrade, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just a buzzword, but an integral part of the way we conduct our business, every single day.

Sustainable desiagn globetrade. Barbie, do your thing, drinking cup. Made by recycled plastics

Sustainable design & production

Globetrade designs and produces fun-filled items that make a big impression but leave behind a small footprint. Sustainability is at the heart of our company and drives the entire life cycle of our products.

We aim to use only high-quality and eco-friendly materials, carefully sourced from reputable suppliers, so we can vouch for their quality and safety. And we continue to search for greener technologies and designs that substitute single-use plastics for reprocessed or recyclable materials, thereby reducing our emissions and impact on the environment.

By investing in circularity and innovation, and exploring alternative ways of production, packaging and waste management, we continue to develop our know-how and network to provide smarter and more sustainable solutions that will power the future-proof fun of tomorrow.

Transparency resilience compliance globetrade

Transparency, Resilience, Compliance

We also make sure that our production processes and supply chains are transparent, resilient and ethical, proactively educating our partners and obliging suppliers to comply with Globetrade’s rigorous code of conduct. 

All our vendors and contractors must adhere to the applicable laws and regulations, and we submit our partners to frequent screenings and extensive quality controls during the entire sourcing process. To uphold its ethical and ecological standards, Globetrade makes a priority of quality and safety. 

We are also an active member of several trade organizations and maintain a long-standing relationship with independent quality and safety experts.

Empowering our people

In-house, we want to empower our workforce by giving them a safe and healthy work environment and every opportunity to flourish and thrive. We are a warm and family-oriented company that is proud to serve local communities and support worthy causes, providing a fair and even playing field for all and actively promoting a better work-life balance.

By keeping an open mind and practicing what we preach, we hope to make a positive impact and encourage more social and sustainable ways of working.

Innovation & collaboration

Thanks to our ongoing commitment to CSR, Globetrade was awarded its fourth consecutive gold medal by the rating platform EcoVadis, setting a new benchmark in the industry. 

Innovation is key to this success: we continue to collaborate with research institutions and testing facilities to improve the quality of our processes and output. 

We also work with universities to develop low GHG emission products and consult with leading industry players to discuss new developments and trends.

Let’s play it safe, green, responsible, and fair

Globetrade wants to create engaging and care-free fun and provide a thriving environment for the imagination. By helping to build a creative and sustainable world with infinite replay value, we can make a real difference.